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Sit up Assistant Bar

Why not have the best workout at home and improve your abdominal core and other parts of your body with this great assistant device. This work great because you can use it for many different styles of exercises. 

  • The home fitness equipment occupies small area and is easy to use,the enlarged and thickened suction cup enjoys stronger suction, and is durable to use.
  • Adopt Healthy natural material, thickened silicone sucker,strong suction, more secure and stable.
  • Break through the single function, helping you roll belly movement, push-ups, side kick, sit-ups ,stretching back,elbow plank,press-up,swallow of training and other sports.you can practice the vest line without going out.
  • It can help you to Exercise your abdomen, Reduce abdominal muscles, shape your body, complete a variety of actions easily.Increase foam material, soft and comfortable, ptotect the instep from pain.
  • When you use it, upward force is better than forward force when you exercise as forward force may make the suction become loose soon.